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Our Classes



At Head-to-Toe Training, Pilates+Fitness, expect some of the most experienced instructors in mat work that you will find anywhere. Whether you enjoy classic or contemporary styles you will leave feeling worked, energized, and refreshed from head to toe. We offer classes of different levels so be sure to check the current schedule. We also require a reservation for any of our classes to make sure you find the right one for you. Currently our group mat classes are being offered  in person and virtually through Zoom and indicated on the monthly schedule. 

Reformer Classes

These are limited in space so sign up is necessary. The Universal Reformer is the centerpiece to the apparatus work of Pilates and as in the mat work classes, we mix classic with a contemporary approach to ensure you get the best and most modern exercise session available. These classes have a 6-1 student-teacher ratio so that expert evaluation and some personal direction is a major benefit.

Special Classes

From Foam Roller to tennis ball trigger point release we have a wide variety of special classes offered at The House of Pilates and Fitness.  Some favorites: Flowmotion, chi kung inspired energy movements. PilatEASE, a slowed down, breath-focused approach to the mat work. OverBall, using small squishy balls applied to the mat work to create a greater proprioceptive response of the body.

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